Plum Tree – Keep 100% of Your Commissions

Keep 100% of
Your Commissions With
Full Service and Support!


Our Big Vision

Plum::Tree was founded by Chris Russell in 2011 with the mission and vision to be a financial portal to help alleviate suffering in this world one city at a time!

“We do not exist for the sole purpose of “getting rich.” We grew Plum:: Tree because our passion is to ​ help ​ people.” Chris Russell, CEO

We use profits from our business to ​help:

  1. Our local community
  2. Orphans
  3. Disadvantaged children in a variety of countries
  4. We help the homeless and less fortunate in our Cities.
  5. We help people who are in crisis.

To accomplish this, we partner with various organizations such as City Gospel Mission, Samaritan’s Purse, Compassion International, Back to Back, Freestore Foodbank, and others.

We help agents

By providing them with a cloud::based brokerage for a fraction of the cost they would pay other brokerages. We encourage and allow our agent to be entrepreneurs in order for them to help more people they serve.

We help homeowners​

Because our 100% commission model allows agents to develop creative pricing strategies that benefits the people they serve.

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